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Social Work Office of Research and Public Service

History and Goal

The goal of the Social Work Office of Research and Public Service (SWORPS) is to improve the quality of human service practice in the state, the Southeast, and in the nation for the benefit of human service workers, their agencies, and their clients. Since its inception in 1976, the office has secured more than 40 million dollars in funding from state, local, and federal grants and contracts to support training, technical assistance, and research projects. During this period, more than 60,000 public welfare staff and related professionals and volunteers have participated in SWORPS training programs.

Personnel and Offices

SWORPS is composed of units that work in the areas of research, publications and media, staff development, professional continuing education, software development, and e-learning. The staff of almost 80 is made up of social workers, trainers, researchers, statisticians, editors, designers, and other professional and support personnel. The office is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, on the main campus of the University of Tennessee with other offices across the state.

As a service center within the University of Tennessee, SWORPS works directly with state agencies and regional policy makers, linking them to academic and professional resources. Our research skills and staff-building expertise allow us to be involved at any stage of a project, from development through implementation and review. In addition, SWORPS partners with organizations such as the United Way; The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the Tennessee Department of Human Services; and the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to carry out service and research projects.

Experience and Capacity

With more than 30 years’ experience, SWORPS has cultivated the capability to be involved at any stage in developing or implementing a project for human service agencies. SWORPS provides needs assessment, program evaluation, technical assistance, research services, software application design and deployment, and other resources to human service agencies, to the professional human service practitioners that these agencies employ, and to the social work community at large. To provide these services, SWORPS employs operational units designed to meet specific state agencies’ unique needs related to assessing programs and facilities, assuring quality, coordinating service delivery, tracking interagency agreements, and employing innovative technology. In addition, SWORPS offers management and employee development, evaluation of training and programs, testing, and survey research.

The publications unit, which includes editors, concept planners, designers, and a production staff, publishes all materials developed by the various SWORPS programs and creates web sites, online training, and assessment systems. The systems-engineering group meets customer needs by providing database and information management systems solutions. These solutions support both program management, evaluation, and research efforts.


  • Paul Campbell—Executive Director
  • Ray Hughes—Budget Director
  • Anjella Tabor-Smith—Accounting Specialist II
  • Allyson Tracy—Accounting Clerk

Staff Development and Training

  • Robbie Robertson—Child Welfare, Assistant Director
  • Rory Alley—Program Specialist, CAPTA/CJA
  • Keith Bailey—Consultant, Child Welfare
  • Julie DeBoard—Trainer, Child Welfare
  • Kim Halbert—Trainer, Child Welfare
  • Ben Harper—Coordinator II, Child Welfare
  • Heather Helton—Trainer, Child Welfare
  • Christy Hickman—Program Coordinator , Certification Program
  • Toni Lawal—Research Associate I, CAPTA/CJA
  • Tina Mosley—Trainer, Child Welfare
  • Kerry Patterson—Trainer, Child Welfare
  • Sherri Pugh—Training Specialist, Child Welfare
  • Cecilia Teal—Trainer, Child Welfare
  • Kathy Williams—Professional Assistant, Child Welfare

Research and Evaluation

  • Maryanne Cunningham—Associate Director, Research, Evaluation, Software Engineering Service, and CARE
  • Hope Denny—Manager, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Ann Koelz Ellis—Research Associate I, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Andy Fox—Research Coordinator I, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Bingham Graves—Assistant Director, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Sissie Hadjiharalambous—Assistant Director, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Amy Hardy—Research Associate II, Program Evaluation
  • Don Kenworthy—Specialist, Software Development and Systems Management
  • Doris Loveday-Gibbs—Research Coordinator II, Program Evaluation
  • Emily McCutcheon—Research Associate II, Program Evaluation
  • Gail Myers—Assistant Director, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Chandra Rueff—Research Associate I, Program Evaluation
  • David Shirk—Coordinator II, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Debbie Spelce—Research Coordinator II, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Thomas Walker—Research Coordinator I, Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance


  • Karen Homer—Team Leader, Statistics and Data Management
  • Janet Bockman—Research Associate I, Statistics and Data Management
  • Mary Sue Evans—Statistician, Statistics and Data Management
  • Cathy Irwin—IT Analyst III, Statistics and Data Management
  • Julianna Magda—Statistician, Statistics and Data Management

Applied Research and Evaluation

  • Linda Daugherty—Assistant Director, CARE
  • Amy Melton—Research Associate I, CARE

Software Engineering

  • Deidre Ford—Team Leader, Software Development and Systems Management
  • Ritu Awasthi—IT Specialist I, Software Development and Systems Management
  • Michael Campfield—Computer Systems Specialist II, Software Development and Systems Management
  • Debbie Daniels—Senior IT Technologist II, Software Development and Systems Management
  • Keith Dolder—IT Specialist I, Development and Systems Management
  • Wes Idell—IT Specialist III, Software Development and Systems Management
  • Sandy Moneyhun—IT Specialist III, Software Development and Systems Management

Program Management (Child Care)

  • JoAnna Cheatham—Associate Director, Child Care Improvement
  • Betty Beardslee—Regional Coordinator, Child Care Improvement
  • Lorraine Burrows—Coordinator, Child Care Improvement
  • Linda Carey—Manager, Child Care Improvement
  • Sherry Harpole—Regional Coordinator, Child Care Improvement
  • Angie Henson—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement
  • Phyllis Henry—Senior Administrative Services Assistant, Child Care Improvement
  • Andrea Howard—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement
  • Liz Hurlbut—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement
  • Jan King—Regional Coordinator, Child Care Improvement
  • Melinda Martin—Coordinator, Child Care Improvement
  • Liz McLaughlin—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement
  • Kristin McCloud—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement
  • Kristin Parker—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement
  • Tamika Pollard—Administrative Specialist II, Child Care Improvement
  • Robin Pullen—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement
  • Lillian Romero—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement
  • Heather Wallace—Assessment Specialist, Child Care Improvement

Employment and Parenting Support

  • Matt Keller, Manager, Child Support, Employment and Parenting Program
  • Debbie Abrams-Cohen, Coordinator I, CSEPP
  • Bonnie J. Allen, Coordinator I, TCSEPP
  • Pam Borovy, Assistant Coordinator I, TCSEPP
  • Martha Deaton, Coordinator, TPOPS
  • Christy Jones, Administrative Specialist II, CSEPP
  • Paul LeClercq, Administrative Specialist II, TCSEPP
  • Chris Moulden, Coordinator I, CSEPP
  • Monica Roush, Coordinator I, TPOPS
  • Sonia Tipton-Law, Coordinator I, TCSEPP

Publications and Media Technology

  • Betsy DeGeorge—Assistant Director, Publications and Media Technology
  • Margot Kline—Graphic Designer, Publications and Media Technology
  • Kirche Rogers—Editorial Specialist, Publications and Media Technology

Contact Information

Paul Campbell, Research Professor and Director
Social Work Office of Research and Public Service
College of Social Work
The University of Tennessee
600 Henley Street, Suite B80
Knoxville, TN 37996-4104

Phone: (865) 974-6015

The flagship campus of the University of Tennessee System and partner in the Tennessee Transfer Pathway.