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Center for Conservation and Stewardship

The University of Tennessee Center for Conservation and Stewardship’s (CCS) mission is broad in spirit, with several key areas of focus. Broadly based in the arts and the sciences, the CCS is as a research and study center that advances the preservation and ethical management of Tennessee’s and the Tennessee Valley’s natural and cultural resources. The center’s mission, largely shaped in response to the TVA’s cultural and physical heritage, resonates beyond regional interests, registering on a national and international scale.

The CCS is a multi-disciplinary, inter-collegiate locus of research and public service projects that operates across colleges, across campuses, across the state and region. It promotes and produces knowledge and techniques in the restoration and regeneration of a wide array of cultural artifacts. It extends beyond the limits of “land conservation” to include: aural traditions, oral histories, gardens, landscapes, buildings, monuments, and discrete rural and urban districts.

The Center for Conservation and Stewardship three main goals engage the polity and state legislative agendas to affect positive change in policy decisions and funding outcomes:

  • research into new materials and existing materials and methods to preserve and restore historically significant landscapes and building in conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • document culturally significant buildings and sites in conjunction with the US National Parks Service’s Historical American Buildings Survey (HABS)
  • provide coordination, support, and documentation for “design/build” projects situated in historic landscapes

Moreover, the CCS will provide a network of relations and resources to scholars, students, and the public at-large. Activities include: Streambed Restoration; Water Quality; Brownfield Remediation; Regenerative Design and sustainable practices; Documentation and protection of historic/archeological sites; Ethical/sustainable stewardship practices; Public education; Legislative Advocacy; Web-based and in situ Symposia, Colloquia and Public Lectures; Publications: Monographs and journal; Locus for M.S thesis level and doctoral research; Visiting Scholars; Materials research; Archive (digital and analog).

Cross Disciplinary Synergism

Owing to the rich mixture of projects that comprise the agenda of the CCS, it can partner with other Centers, Institutes and Departments at the UTK campus and beyond. Among these are: UTK College of Architecture and Design, Institute for Smart Structures; Programs in History, Anthropology and the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; the UTK Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment; Community Partnership Center; UTK College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Department of Plant Sciences; UTK College of Engineering; Middle Tennessee State University, the Center for Historic Preservation; and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (New Materials Research).

Faculty and Advisors

UT College of Architecture and Design Primary Faculty

Katherine Ambroziak, RA, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture (Design/Build|Preservation;Local Cultural Heritage)
George Dodds, PhD, ACSADP, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture Program; Founding Director, Tennessee Valley Chapter Docomomo; Director, Center for Conservation and Stewardship
David Fox, RA, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, (Social Justice|Design/Build|Preservation)
Gregor Kalas, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, (Preservation Historian)
Dick Kelso, PE Professor, School of Architecture (Building Systems and Sustainability)
Tracy Moir McClean, RA, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture Program (Sustainability)
Brandon Pace, RA, Lecturer, School of Architecture, Pace Sanders Architects, (Historic Preservation Architect)
Ted Shelton, RA, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture (Sustainability, Building Systems and Techniques)
Archana Sharma, PhD, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture Program (Landscape Architect)
Tricia Stuth, RA, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture (Building Techniques)

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Affiliated Faculty

Sam Rogers, ASLA, Associate Professor, Chair, MLA Program, Dept. of Plant Sciences (Streambed Restoration)
Curtis Stewart, Associate Professor, MLA Program, Dept. of Plant Sciences (Streambed Restoration)

Other UT Faculty

Gavin Townsend, PhD, UT Chattanooga (Regional, Urban, and Architectural Historian)
Bruce Wheeler, Prof. Emeritus, Department of History (Regional Historian)

External Members

Jennifer Bradley, Environmental Consultant, Knoxville; Jon Coddington, Director, Urban Design and Planning, River City Company, Chattanooga; Mark Alan Hewitt, Author, Historian, Preservation Architect, Montclair, NJ; Robbie Jones, PhD, Curator and Historian, Andrew Jackson Home (Hermitage), Aaron Purcell, PhD, Head, Special Collections, VPI, Blacksburg, Andrew Smith, Preservation Architect, Chattanooga; Nashville; Dorothy Stair, Knox Heritage Board of Directors; Kim Trent, Executive Director, Knox Heritage

Associated UTK Faculty and Administrators

Jennifer Beals, Head, UTK Special Collections
Jefferson Chapman, Director, UTK McClung Museum
Barbara Dewey, UTK Dean of Libraries
Barbara Klinkhammer, Associate Dean, College of Architecture and Design
John McRae, Dean, College of Architecture and Design
Scott Wall, Director, UTK College of Architecture and Design, School of Architecture

External Advisors

Charles Birnbaum, President, The Cultural Landscape Foundation, Washington, DC
Mike Fitts, TN State Architect, Nashville
Michael Fowler, Ross/Fowler Landscape Architects, Knoxville
Stephen Fox, Associate Professor, University of Houston, (Architectural Historian and Preservationist)
Daniel Friedman, PhD, Professor and Dean, College of Environmental Design, University of Washington
Arch. Domenico Luciani, Director, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, Treviso, (Veneto), Italy.
Elizabeth K. Meyer, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture Program, University of Virginia
Robert Tavernor, PhD, Prof. of Architecture & Urban Design, Cities Programme, London School of Economics


George Dodds, Director
College of Architecture and Design
The University of Tennessee
Art and Architecture Building 
1715 Volunteer Boulevard
Knoxville, TN 37996

Phone: (865) 974-3266


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